Leviticus (Va-Yikra')

Leviticus is the heart of the five Books of Moses.† The first two books (Genesis and Exodus) look forward to Leviticus.† The last two books (Numbers and Deuteronomy) look backward toward Leviticus.† This is the book where the rubber meets the road, so-to-speak.

There have always been critics who claimed that the five Books of Moses were written by someone other than Moses, and much later than the time in which Moses lived.† Most of those objections have been struck down by archaeological discoveries in recent years.† However, I believe there is one thing which proves that, not only did Moses write it, but that he wrote it word-for-ward as God dictated it to him.† This proof was discovered by Jewish scholars, and would never have been found but for the development of computers.† I am talking about equi-distant lettering.† Every seventh Hebrew letter in Leviticus spells out "yod" "hey" "vav" "hey" - The most holy name of God - Yehweh.† Even with modern computers no one has been able to duplicate that in Hebrew, or in any other language.† It is a God-thing!

Just as Daniel and Revelation are companion books; so also, Leviticus and Hebrews are companion books.† Hebrews indicates that the Tabernacle in the wilderness was an earthly model of the true Tabernacle which is in Heaven.† It also shows us that Jesus, in His substitutionary death, fulfilled all of the Old Testament sacrifices; which only covered sin, until the One to Whom those sacrifices pointed, gave Himself on the Cross of Calvary.

According to Hebrews, the High Priest in Leviticus was the mediator between sinful mankind and a holy God.† The Lord Jesus, seated at the right hand of the Father is, according to Hebrews, our perfect High Priest and Mediator; fulfilling the Old Testament pictures.

I have divided Leviticus into two sections:
† † †1. How sinful people can come to a Holy God (1:1-17:38)
† † †2. How a redeemed people can stay in touch with God (18:1-27:34)

Leviticus sets the stage for much of what we read in the New Testament.† Remember, there is nothing in the New Testament which does not have its basis and foundation in the Old Testament.† Everything Jesus taught came directly out of the Old Testament.† And over half of His quotes came from the Books of Moses.

One of the major objectives of this study is to show that Jesus fulfilled,†to the very day and hour, the types and pictures shown in Leviticus, including the seven annual Feasts (Convocations; Appointed Times; Rehearsals) of the Lord.

Leviticus (Va-Yikra')


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