Exodus (Shemoth)

I was amazed when I added secular history, and recent archeological discoveries to the storyline of Exodus.  Everything fits, and there is new proof at the crossing site of the Red Sea.  Secular history tells us how the Egyptians were able to lull the Israelites into slavery, and why.

The Israelite slaves built two treasure cities, and pyramids: Pi'thom and Raam'ses.  The Pi'thom pyramid was never completed because of the Exodus.  And the Pharoah for whom it was being built was never buried in it.  The Tel Amarna Tablets, uncovered by archeologists, say that he went out with his army into a battle with "the gods."  He got caught in a "whirlpool," and drowned.  His body was never recovered.  However, his firstborn son, a teenager, who was slain by the Death Angel on that first Passover, was buried in the uncompleted pyramid built for his father.

The place of the crossing of the Red Sea has been located, and the coral encrusted remains of chariots, axles and more are strewn the entire length of the underwater land-bridge.  Also found: thousands of human and horse bones and skulls, and one gold plated chariot wheel which must have belonged to Pharaoh's chariot.  You'll also find a website where you can watch a narrated video of the remains of Pharaoh's army at the bottom of the sea.

We also place Mount Sinai back where it belongs - not in the Sinai Peninsula; but in Arabia where the Bible (both Old and New Testaments) has always placed it.  You'll also see a picture of the burnt black top of Mount Sinai taken from Google.

Exodus (Shemoth)

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