Half of the Pilgrims died on the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean.  Arriving in Fall, half of the remaining Pilgrims died during an unusually harsh winter that followed.  All would have died within a short time had it not been for an Indian who walked out of the forest speaking English.  How was that possible?

This book tells the story of Squanto, the English speaking Indian who met the Pilgrims in the Spring of 1621, less than six months after they had landed.  It was because of him and him only that they survived.  How and where did he learn English?

Another question answered by this book, is: Why did the Pilgrims come to the New World in the first place?  If you say they were in search of religious freedom, you are parroting the changes in our history inserted by the Historical Revisionists.  This book will tell you the real reason they came.

You will also see pictures of Tisquantum, Pocahontas, and the chief of the Wampanoag Tribe, Chief Massasoit.
There are also pictures of the reconstructed Mayflower, which was built in Plymouth, England and sailed to Plymouth, Massachusetts.  And pictures of the rebuilt Pilgrim village at Plimoth Plantation, a tourist attraction staffed by actors playing the parts of the Pilgrims.

Squanto, believed to have been born in 1580, died of Indian Feaver only about a year and a half after first meeting the Pilgrims, at the age of 42.


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