Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist, and a religion hater; and she founded her organization with the specific purpose of cutting down on the birthrate among black Americans, to the point that they would have a negative birthrte, and eventually fade out of the American picture.

You don't believe that?  Then read carefully.  In March of 1925, at an international conference in New York City, a member of Sanger's committee, which eventually became Planned Parenthood, warned of the menace posed by the "black" and "yellow" peril.  That was Dr. S. Adolphus Knoph, one of Sanger's closest associates.  She, and her associates, called for the sterilization of "the unfit."  Those were the black Americans.  She also called for the sterilization of others with "bad strains," which she labeled as the "shiftless, ignorant and worthless class of whites of the South."  That group included all southerners who supported the Republican Party.  They were labeled as having "bad strains" because they were Republicans, joining nearly all of the Americans of African descent in their support of the Republican Party.  After all, it was the Republicans that had brought an end to slavery.  It was the Republicans who passd sweeping civil rights legislation; all of which was undone when the Democrats came to power some years later.

Sanger opened her first "birth control" clinic in Harlem in the 1930's, with the idea of cutting back on the number of black people in New York City.  In 1939, she merged her group with the ABCL, to become the Birth Control Federation of America.  This, of course, was the predecessor of Planned Parenthood.  The Southern Regional Director for the BCFA, was Dr. Clarence J. Gamble.  He produced a memorandum titled "Suggestions for the Negro Project."  This memorandum suggested that they surreptitiously hire a well-known charismatic black evangelist to conducrt city-wide revival crusades in major southern cities.  The plan was to get all the local black churches in the area to support the revival with both money and attendance - this from people who hated religion, and blamed all of our nations' ills on religion.  In these meetings, after the evangelist had stirred up the people, a "colored" nurse, and a "colored" doctor, hired by BCFA, would present the case for sterilization.  Two such "Negro Projects" were held; but with not much success.

Today, Planned Parenthood has tried to disassociate itself from its past; even having an African-American as its president.  But the organization is still,in practice, if not officially, anti-religion.  And, if you look at the statistics, it may still have a bit of its former philosophy of being racist.  It is difficult to find accurate statistics from Planned Parenthood.  But, as best as I could determine from the information given me, more than half of the abortions performed by Planned Parenthood in 2014 were on African-American mothers.  With black Americans making up just under 20% of the total population, that statistic is very lopsided, and troubling.  Fewer than one in five Amerians is of African-American descent; while more than one in two Planned Parenthood abortions are performed on black Americans.

By-the-way, I don't particularly like the term "black" when applied to people.  Find the very darkest skinned person you can find, and hold up a piece of black paper next to them; and they are not black, they are a very dark shade of brown.  Find the very lightest skinned Scandinavian you can find and hold up a piece of white paper next to them, and they are not white; but rather light tan - a very light shade of brown.  Folks, we are all different shades of the same color.  And, the apostle Paul, in the Bible, wrote that we are all of one (the same) blood.

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