September, 2018


Last month (August) was the one year anniversary of the violence that erupted at Charlottesville, Virginia during violent demonstrations both for and against the removal of a Civil War veteran memorial.  This year on the first anniversary of that event, demonstrations both for and against were held in both Washington, DC and in Charlottesville.  This time two of the groups present at that first demonstration were not present; and the demonstrations were peaceful. 

I wrote an editorial last year following those demonstrations.  I believe it is well worthwhile repeating that editorial this year; because most people still have little idea of what went on.


President Trump ws blasted by the media for condemning the "egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides;" and later saying that there were good people on both sides and bad people on both sides.  He was referring, of course, to the violence which ended in the death of one woman during a wild, ruckus demonstration both for and against the removal of a statue of the Civil War General Robert E. Lee.

Again, we have words spoken off the top of the President's head which do not follow the immediately preceding phrases.  The news media is aware of this flaw in our President's personality.  They knew exactly what he meant, but reported something entirely different.

What were the "two sides" which were present and fought each other during that demonstration?  There was one issue; two sides; and four groups present that day.  You didn't know that, did you?  Why have you not heard that?  Because it doesn't fit the liberal media's agenda.  If you watch Fox News, you would have known that.  They reported it!

The two issues were whether or not the Confederate General's statue was a symbol of hate and should be removed; or whether it was simply a reminder of history and should remain so we could continue to learn from it.  Well, there was more to it than that, but we'll see that in a moment.

Group Number One: The White Supremacists.  This group was composed of members of the KKK, radical motorcycle gangs, even some religious groups which call themselves Christians; to mention but a few.  They received a parade permit from the City of Charlotte.  Their reason for defending the statue was the same as their desire to fly the Confederate flag.  They believe hat America should be a white nation, bun by the white European settlers who founded this country.  They believe, along with Hitler, Stalin and other well-nown recists, that non-white people are inferior to Caucasians.  This supid idea comes from the teaching of Theory of Evolution, which until nearly the mid 1900's, taught that there were five separate races of human beings, each of which had its own separate blood, and that the white race was far superior to the others.  That, of course, is in direct opposition to the Bible, which declares that God "hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on all the face of the earth" (Acts 17:26).

Following the tragedy which took place on that day, hundreds of Charlottsville residents disruppted a city council meeting, cursing out the council for allowing the city to issue the parade permit.  Their anger was misplaced.  The city had no choice.  The blame must be laid at the feet of the U.S. Supreme Court which has ruled that such demonstrations are protected under the Constitutional right to free speech.  The people who marched in that parade, carrying those torches, are bigoted hate mongers who need to be identified for who they are.

Group Number 2: Private citizens of the area who wanted to see the statue remain.  This is one of the groups the President referred to when he said there were good people on both sides.  They were not there to parade; and most did not supprt the radical torch marching bigots.  They simply came to show their support for keeping the monument.  Very few if any of them would consider themselves to have one single racist bone in their bodies.  They see the statue only as a part of their heritage which others are trying to wipe out.  They cannot understand why anyone would call the statue a symbol of hate.

I did not understand why some Americans saw these monuments as symbols of hate.  My great, great grandfather fought in the Union Army.  Growing up in the north, this just seemed like a narmal part of remembering our history.  However, I brought the issue up to a few of my closest black friends; and what a surprise.  These are fine Christian people who love and serve the Lord.  Yet, the emotion which came boiling up from within them was more than suirprising.  I was absolutely astonished.  Folks, I do not want to put a stumbling block in front of anyone.  If statues of Confederate War "heroes" offends a brother or sister in Christ; then I will join them.

Group Number 3: Private citizens of the area, and surrounding areas, who wanted to see the statue removed.  This is the other group the President referred to when he said there were good people on both sides.  They came to peacefully demonstrate against the White Supremacist parade.  This group far outnumbered the combined numbers of groups one and two.

Group Number 4: The Black Lives Matter group, mostly from New York City, but with people brought in from other parts of the country as well.  This is a radical, racist movement, which hates whites.  Their purpose is to punish white people because of their supposed treatment of African-Americans.  They were joined by a group which calls itself "Antifa," which some have called, "a gang of alt-left thugs."  It doesn't much matter who these groups are, alt-right or alt-left; these radicals hate; and that makes them more similar to each other than different.  They were carrying "Black Lives Matter" signs and waving BLM flags.  The Virginia governor called this group, "an unlawful assembly."  Did you hear the news media report that?  No, you didn't!  As a matter of fact, the news media didn't even tell you that this group was there - hundreds of them.  They pre-assembled themselves near four of the entrances to the park, wearing helmits and shields, and brandishing wooden clubs.  Then, on a predetermined signal they rushed into the park attacking both the White Supremacists and the locals who were opposing the removal of the monument.  Within minutes, many (not all) of group number 3 began hurling rocks and other objects; even a vending machine, at the White Supremacists.  Fist fights broke out.  The White Supremacists made a hasty get-away, most leaving town hours before the deadly car attack on group number 3, whose members continued to mill around in the streets until police forced them to leave following the death and injury inflicted by one of the members of group number 1.

Allow me t insert something here.  The federal investigation into Russia's meddling into the 2016 presidential election has revealed that Russia not only attempted to throw the election.  It shows that they spent millions on trying to sew racial discord in this country;  and their attempt was very successful.  In addition, according to investigators, that attempt is continuing.  Russia has established several orgnizations in the United States designed to split and segregate our nation in order to bring us to our knees.  Two of those organizations listed included: Black Lives Matter, U.S., and Black Fist.  While they are active in the United States, their websites are headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

After the fact, the governor of Virginia defended police who did not attempt to keep the groups separated, because, he said, "80-percent of the people here had semi-automatic weapons." and "you would have thought they were any army."  They were an army!  The amazing thing about it all is that, as far as we know, not one shot was fired.  I have to wonder what would have been the outcome if group number 4 had not appeared on the scene.  It likely would have ended as a peaceful demonstration - but then perhaps that is wishful thinking.  But likely that radical driver would not have driven his car into that crowd.  He needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

One more thing: The White Supremacists got the blame for all of the violence.  When did we reach the point where a radical BLM gang gets a free pass for racism and violence, while anyone who disagrees with them gets degraded and stripped of their rights?

So, the statements made by the President were correct.  However, true to his manner of speaking, he spoke off the top of his head, and the thoughts were not well explained.  The members of the news media who follow the President are well aware of this talk, talk, talk, tweet, tweet, tweet deficiency.  They knew exactly what he was trying to say; but they turned his thoughts around, edited the film of the demonstration, and tried to make it look like the President supported the White Supremacists.

When I came to the South at the end of 1981, I discovered that many Bible believing Christians still had an old racist idea which is purported to come from the Bible.  That is, that Noah placed a curse on his son Ham.  That Ham's descendants migrated into Africa and were turned black.  Therefore, the black race is a cursed race.  I still hear that occasionally from people today; some of whom don't want to believe it, but they say it's in the Bible.  Let me dogmatically say that there is no such thing in the Bible.  First of all, there is no evidence that any of Ham's descendants migrated to Africa.  Those who study the migration of people groups trace Ham's descendants into Asia and Europe.  But more importantly: Noah never cursed Ham!  Wow, I hit the exclamation point key hard with emotion when I wrote that.  Noah cursed Ham's son Canaan; and Canaan was the father of the Canaanites who migrated to the present location of Israel.  Some 800 or so years later, God ordered the Israelites to enter the Promised Land and eradicate the Canaanites because of their sin of throwing their newborn babies into the fire as a sacrifice to their god, Gaal.  The curse has run its course.  There are no identifiable Canaanites on earth today.  Remember, the Bible says that we are all of one blood.  No hay diferencia! - There is no difference!

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