Let's Stop Treating the Symptoms and Go For the Cause

The weapons of mass murders have been...
Assault rifles
hunting rifles
hand guns
These are the symptoms.  Yet all we hear about is banning assault rifles, and tighten up background checks.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I personally have no objection to banning assault rifles, or tightening up background checks.  But I don't believe even a total ban of all guns would stop the carnage.  Guns are not the problem; and easy accescause.  They are only the symptoms.

What would you think of a doctor who treated only the symptoms of a very dangerous and deadly disease; but failed to treat the disease itself.  That is exactly what we are doing with these cases of mass and pointless murders.
When I was a teenager, nearly every pickup truck in our high school parking lot had gun racks with rifles and shotguns mounted on them.  Yet there were no - zero - reports of school shootings.  We even had teachers bring guns into the classroom and show them off; and no one thought anything about it.  And I did not go to high school out in the sticks somewhere.  We had over 1,000 students in our high school building.  That was considered a fairly large school back in those days.  I was 12-years old when my father bought me my first gun.  I believe there were more guns per capita back then, than there are today.

Let me give you another example.  When I first moved to this area in the early 1980's, the news media (and I was a member of the news media) would report less than one murder or gunshot victim per year; and that was usually in the committing of a robbery.  Now, to be sure, our population has more than quadrupled since that time.  But today we are hearing reports of murders and shootings almost daily - more than a 350% increase.  The availability of guns has not made that happen.  There has been a fundamental change in our society that has bred a totally new morality which has no understanding of the sanctity of life.

The symptoms of this change are huge increases in crime, murder, mayhem, drug use, suicide, and more.  All of these are symptoms of a moral disease which has swept our cuntry, becoming more and more evident over the past twenty years or so.  What has sparked this moral depravity?

You're not going to like this; but it has to do with the value we place on human life.  We have been taught in our schools that we humans are just a more highly evolved animal; therefore we have no past and no future.  This is all there is!  And human life is little more valuable than that of our family pet.  Not only do we teach this in our schools, but we demonstrate it to our young people by legally murdering an average of 4,000 pre-born children every day in this country; and bring up our teens on violent video games in which the point of the game is to kill as many humans as you can in as little time as possible.. 

Let me show you how this played out recently.  You may recall the multi-billionaire, Jeffery Epstein, who recently committed suicide in jail awaiting trial.  Did you hear what his victims were saying?  They were upset that he did not go to trial, because now he had gotten off scott-free.  No, he didn't!  That is the answer of someone who has been infected with the lie of this age.  Let me quote the words of Jesus.  He said, "And in Hell he lifted up his eyes, being in torments..." (Luke 16:25).  I know exactly what you are going to say.  You are going to say that was a parable, and not real.  But you would be wrong.  When Jesus told parables, they were always identified in the text as being parables.  This illustration is not identified as a parable.  In addition, Jesus never used peoples' names, and never talked about specific locations in any of His parables.  And one thing more: Hell is not just a 40-year, or a life sentence.  Hell is forever, and ever, and ever - something our human minds cannot even begin to grasp.

Until we challenge the duel philosophy that there is no hereafter, and life has little or no value, we will see these incidents of mass murder, individual killings, and suicide continue to increase.  The solution is not in the symptoms.

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