August, 2019

President Trump pulls out of two important agreements...


Both of these agreements were negotiated by the Obama Administration; and both were greatly cheered, and at the same time came with warnings from their detractors.  President Trump has been castigated for having pulled out of these two agreements.  But I wonder if we have ever had an explanation from the president as to what was wrong with them.  All I have heard is that they were bad agreements.  How so?

Under the terms of the Paris Accord, the United States agreed to shut down its remaining 15 coal fired electric generating plants.  We have already shut down more than 100; all in an effort to save the planet.  However, the accord allows some other countries to build new coal fired electric generating plants.  How stupid is that?  But when you look at the number permitted we must begin to think that the Obama negotiators had lost their minds.  The European Union is permitted to, and is currently building 27 new plants to add to its already existing 468 coal fired plants.  And those plants were permitted under the Paris Agreement.  But that's not all.  Turkey is currently building 93; while South Africa is currently adding 24.  India is currently building 446 new plants, and the Philippines are constructing 60.  All of these are permitted under the Paris Agreement.  But that's not the end.  South Korea is building 26; and Japan is adding 45 to its already 90 operating plants.  And to top it all off, China, with 2,363 already operating coal fired plants, is adding another 1,171.  And we're supposed to shut down our 15 remaining plants in the interest of saving the planet.  It's just nuts!  What idiot thought that was a good deal; or even a fair deal?

You think that's bad?  Most of the rest of the agreement followed the same lines: we give up; while the rest of the world increases.  But if you think that is ridiculous, you, haven't heard the wildest yet!  It costs lots of money to set up the administration to regulate such agreements - billions upon billions of dollars.  Now, while there are over 100 countries which signed on to the Paris Accord, guess who has been paying for well over half of the cost.  No!  It couldn't be!  Yup, you got it - the good old USA.

In January, the Democrats took over control of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Guess what their big push is!  It's their "Green New Deal."  It is the same old lopsided mess created by the Paris Accord.  The first platform in the "Green New Deal" is to close down those remaining 15 coal fired electric generating plants.  Have we absolutely lost our sanity?

Enough already!  Let's go on to the Iranian Nuclear Deal.  Do you remember all the rhetoric that came along with the signing?  It will keep Iran from producing nuclear weapons.  It will bring Iran back into the world community.  Iran will play by the rules.

Let's look at that for a moment.  Why was Israel so opposed to the deal?  Israel opposed it, because the agreement guaranteed that Iran will get the nuclear bomb.  How can that be?  Iran did not agreed not to produce a nuclear bomb.  They just pushed it back; postponed the time by twelve years.  The agreement did guarantee that Iran would eventually get nuclear weapons.  And, by-the-way, if Iran should ever get a nuclear bomb, there is no question that it would be used against Israel; the little nation no larger than the state of New Jersey.  The Iranian religious hatred for the sons of Isaac make that a religious requirement.  Our negotiators simply do not understand the religion and the culture behind all of this.

In addition, Iran has been the world's largest supporter and exporter of terrorism around the world.  Because of the west's blockade of Iran, their economy was in shambles.  So why was it so hard to make a deal?  Just pushing back the date for procuring nuclear weapons was not enough.  There were two more "incentives" (let's call them what they really were - "bribes"), to get Iran to sign the deal: (1) the removal of the sanctions, and (2) the payment of hundreds of billions of American dollars to jump start their economy.  The result was the radical revival of the Iranian economy, and a major increase in Iran's terrorist exports - and we funded it!

Folks, the American people (us) were never let in on these details; and the news media, supporting their hope for a more liberal ruling party, never told us all of the down sides of these agreements.

Now, I have to add that I am not a Trump lover.  Those idiotic tweets, stupid comments off the top of his head, and on and on we could go.  But the fact is that since Donald Trump has been president, he has done some very good things for our country; most of which have not been reported.  We will do a summary of some of them at a later date.

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