June, 2019


Now, that's a lot of material to cover; but this isn't going to take very long.

The Mueller Report is in, and there was no collusion and no obstruction of justice.  So, everything is back to normal, and we are getting on with the business of running the country.  Wrong!

The Mueller Report lasted two years; cost us, the American tax payers, 25-million dollars; (and that doesn't include the millions in tax payer money paid by various  other government departments) and totally disrupted our government.  There were two conclusions:  The first conclusion was that there was no collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians.  The Clinton Campaign dossier, initiated by the Clinton Campaign, and funded by the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee, was a total fraud.  That was bad news for the liberal polititians and the left-leaning news media.

The second conclusion was that there were eleven confirmed instances where the President wanted to "obstruct justice," but didn't.  In each documented case, there were discussions reported in which the President discussed with his staff (1) Withholding certain documents; (2) Twisting the truth; and (3)Firing Mueller.  The Mueller Report concludes that even though all of that occurred, none of it ever happened - no action was taken to keep peope or documents from investigators.  Mueller reported that he received all the documents he wanted, and interviewed all of the officials he requested; and nothing was withheld; nor was he fired.

The Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, don't like that.  They think the President should be held accountable for obstructing justice, because he discussed the possibility of doing certain things which could have been viewed as obstructing justice.  In other words, he should be held accountable for things that were discussed, but never done.  And the reason they were never done was because his lawyers told him that would be obstructing justice.  How can anyone be held accountable for things they thought about, or even wished, but never did?

What is going on in Washington today is a display of pure hatred for a man and his policies!  Now, I don't have any great respect for our President's morality, idiotic tweeting, public lies, contradictory comments, and a whole lot more.  I would have to vote for him again, if he runs; because he will be the only candidate on the ballot who wants to reverse the legalization of our current policy which allows the murder for hire of our unborn children.  I don't ever want to stand before God and have to answer for voting to continue abortion.

But let's move on to the 25% tariffs on Chinese imports.  China has been gouging the United States for years with its unfair trade practices - not to speak of stealing our technology.  Past presidents have complained about it; but President Trump is the first one willing to stand up against China and say "enough is enough."  Will the tariffs hurt Americans?  Yes, for awhile.  But they will hurt China much more if China refuses to make a trade agreement.  Over time, our merchants will find sources for the same goods out of other countries, and that will mean a decline in exports from China, which will, in turn, hurt their economy.  Let's see how this plays out.  My bet is that China will give in to some of the demands of the United States, and the tariffs will be lowered, or dropped.

Now, to our last subject.  I was amused, and a bit angered, by a news report on one of the national networks (ABC), indicating that the promise that the increased deficit resulting from the tax cut would be more than made up by increased revenues from the tax cuts; but, as expected, that has not happened.  The network is not ignorant.  They had to have written that with the intent of turning their listeners attitudes against the tax cut and the Trump Administration.  

The tax cut has only been in effect for one full year.  No one, not even ABC news, believed that the extra income to the government from the tax cut would cover the deficit the tax cut created in just one year - or even two or three years.  The Reagan tax cut took five years.  The problem was, that instead of paying down the deficit with the increased money, congress spent in on new and increased programs; leaving us even further in debt.  I am quite sure we can expect the same result when the Trump tax cut begins to bring in its surplusses.  It is already working well.  Unemployment is at the lowest rate since 1969; wages are up 0.3% in the past year; and unemployment of minority groups, including women are at an all-time low.

Well, there you have it - my comments for the month of June, 2019.  Thanks for listening.

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