A One-way Street for the Majority of its Proponents

I'm going to make a broad statement, which I don't want you to misunderstand.  The statement is: The majority of proponents of tolerance and inclusivity, are themselves, when it comes to Israel and the Jews, intolerant and bigoted.  Their anti-Semitism sticks out like a sore thumb.  Now, let me say once again that this does not apply to all; but in my experience it applies to well more than half of the people I have run into who are vocal advocates for tolerance and inclusivity.  Just listen to them.  These same people, who condemn intolerance in our country want us to boycott Israel, the  - only democratic Middle Eastern country, where people of all races, religions and lifestyles are protected and upheld.  Wow!  Their claim is that Israel is occupying Palestinian territory.

If you believe that, you need a history lesson.  There has never been in the history of mankind a people-group known as Palestinians.  Something over 1,500 years ago, one of the conquering rulers of Israel renamed the land "Palestine" - a derogatory name, because of his hatred for the Jews.  All through the centuries it was Jews who were called Palestinians - a derogatory, anti-Semitic term.  Eight hundred or so years after the time of Christ, Muslim conquers took over the land and began killing Jews and destroying religious sites.  The Crusaders, not withstanding their own atrocities, ended the Muslim reign of terror.  But there have always been Jews occupying that land; and from the time of the Persian Empire, it has been ruled by outside invaders.

The Ottoman Turks ruled from 1618 to 1918, when the Allied forces defeated all opponents in World War I.  England was given control over all of the Middle East.  During the following years, they established independent countries in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and more.  However, they still had control over much of that land as the world moved into World War II.

During World War I, the British were about to fall to Germany.  They were out of gun powder, and the Germans had control of all of the resources and production.  British Prime Minister H. H. Asquith got together with the Jewish community in England, asking for their support.  One of those in the meeting was a wealthy financier named Arthur James Balfour.  He went to work immediately, and quickly developed a synthetic gun powder which helped the British win their portion of the war, mainly the conquering of the Ottoman Turks, and the defeat of the Germans.  After the war, the Prime Minister asked Belfour what Britain could possibly do to show their gratitude to the Jewish community who helped finance the war, and who came up with the synthetic gun powder.  Balfour told the Prime Minister that he could show his, and England's thanks, by granting a homeland for the Jews in the Middle East.  Asquith agreed, and the Balfour Declaration was proposed to, and passed by the British Parliament.

However, as the years passed, nothing happened.  The new homeland for the Jews was supposed to include all of present day Israel, and all of Jordan.  However, Britain carved the land of Jordan out of the homeland for the Jews.  Who were the Jordanians.  There was no such people group anywhere on earth.  You may remember that when the country of Jordan was formed, it was originally called, "The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan."  The Hashemites were Saudi Arabians.

In 1948, after World War II had ended and the world was reeling from the slaughter of six-million Jews in the Holocaust, the United Nations officially established what the Balrour Declaration had called for; setting up the State of Israel in the remaining area.  All of the surrounding Arab nations attacked the new country.  Israel had no military equipmen and no army, and even few personal guns, as privately owned guns had been outlawed by the British.  But somehow, they were able to hold off and defeat all of the nations that came against them.  Do you think, maybe, it might have been "a God thing?"  And, by-the-way, if Israel is occupying the land, where do you think the Israeli soldiers came from?  They were already there - in their land!

When the Arab nations finally gave up, they kept the portion of Israel from which they had not been driven  Today we call it, "The West Bank."  It was never part of Jordan; but as the Arab nation armies withdrew, Jordan continued to occupy that portion of Israel.  So, who were the occupiers?

In 1967, on the most holy day of the Jewish year, the Arab nations once again invaded Israel with the purpose of "driving the Jews into the sea."  This time the Jewish nation was much stronger, and were able to hold on for several days, although being far outnumbered and out-equipped.  But just about the time they were about to be wiped out, God once again intervened; and within just a few more days, they had driven out the invaders, and taken back the City of Jerusalem, and all of the west bank; and, in addition, a large part of the Golon Heights, half-way to Damascus.  They also took all of the Sinai Desert.  If you have never read or heard the story of the amazing victory, you need to look it up.

But, back to our story of the Palistinians.  As we said, the name Palestine and Palestinian was a nasty name given to the Jews.  It was used by those who hated the Jews.  But in the early 1960's, the Arab nations began a stratigic publicity campaign, in which they took the name Palestinian upon themselves, and began talking about the Palestinian Homeland.  There had never, ever been sugh a thing; but they made it sound like the Israelis had dispossessed them.  No such thing ever happened.  During the war in 1948, many of the Arabic peoples who had lived in the area crossed the Jordan River into Jordan.  They were told that after the Jews had been driven from the land, they could return.  However, there were many who did not leave.  They and their descendants are still in Israel today.

Yasser Arafat was the founder and chairman of the PLO (the Palestinian Liberation Organization), which terrorizd Israel for years.  When the Palestinian National Authority was formed to govern the West Bank and Gaza, he was elected president.  Was Arafat a Palestinian?  Of course not.  There was no such Arab back then.  The Jews were the Palestinians.  What was Arafat?  He was an Egyptian engineer who had been expelled from Egypt because of his subversive activities. 

You don't hear it on the news; but listen to this:
* Since 2005, more than 20,000 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza.  Beer-sheva, a city of over 200,000 population in the south of Israel was the target of most of those rockets.
*That does not include: suicide bombers, car and bus bombs, incendiary kites, and weaponized cars.
And that's just from Gaza.

Listen to what some non-Jews, living in Israel have to say:
First, Capt. Shadi Haulu of the Christian Defense Forces, an Arab Christian, said: "Israel provides full and equal rights to all of its citizens.  As a minority, I can testify to all the horrors that Christians have experienced and continue to experience in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt.  But in Israel, we live freely in peace.
Second, Muslim social activist Kazim Khalilieh, as a member of the Musil community said, "It is not easy to go against the current.  Two years ago, my parents stopped talking to me because of my support for Israel.  But that is who I am; I need to stand up for the truth."
Third, Druze attorney and activist Hazar Gadben said, "All the radical-left who slander and demonize Israel need to wake up and understand that if they were the minority in Israel, they would be treated as equals with everyone else."

A survey taken in 2014 shows the depth of hatred for the Jews in the Middle East, and hatred for the people is being taken out on the country.  Look at this:
* 93% of people on the West Bank and 
   Gaza hate the Jews.
* 92% of people in Iraq hate the Jews.
* 88% of people in Yemen hate Jews.
* 87% of people in Libya hate Jews.
* 86% of people in Tunisia hate Jews.
* 82% of people in Kuwait hate Jews.
* 81% of people in Bahrain hate Jews.
* 81% of people in Jordan hate Jews.
* 80% of people in Morocco hate Jews.
This response comes despite the fact that 70% of the people interviewed had never met a Jewish person.

Now look at this: 382,000 anti-Semitic comments were posted to social-media platforms in 2016.  That amounts to one post every 83-seconds.

The liberal-left in America touts its defense of racism, intoleranced, bigotry, etc.  Yet this very same group is the main supporter of those who hate the Jews.  I could think of some very nasty thiings to say about such double-talkers.  But I want to be nice, so:  "Hypocrite!  Hypocrite!  Hypocrite!"

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