If you were to read an American history book written before 1930, and compare it to an American history book written in the past 25 years, you would hardly recognize the two as being the history of the same country.  Revisionists have systematically changed the history of our country as a springboard to changing our society.  They have deleted many of the events from our history, changed the emphasis of others, robbed many of the important figures in our history of their voices, and actually deleted the very purpose and impetus that propelled the United States into greatness.  We want to bring back the truth about our past.

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Class No. 1: "Bringing the Gospel to North America"

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Class No. 2: "The Revolutionary War"

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Class No. 3: "America's Founding Documents"
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Class No. 4: "The Growth and Reinterpretation of the Constitution"

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  The Revisionists' Lies about George
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