One of the Passions of My Life!

             "MARS HILL RADIO"

          I spent most of my life in the radio business.  In 1964 I was serving as assistant manager of WRVB-FM (Wisconsin Radio Voice of the Bible - From Madison) in Madison, Wisconsin.  The Lord put it on my heart to buy or build a Christian radio station in Upstate New York.  My wife and I traveled to Ticondaroga, New York the following year to look at a station that was for sale.  We also looked at a station in Little Falls, New York, and visited with some pastors in the Utica area where we had discovered an available frequency on the FM band.  One of the pastors told us that he had heard that there was talk of starting a Christian radio station in Syracuse.

          A few days after returning to Wisconsin, I received a telephone call from Norm Hinkle in Syracuse.  The pastor in Utica had contacted him.  He said several people had been talking about a station, but at that time, there was nothing firm.  Norm and I talked on the phone two, three and sometimes four times a week for nearly a year before the ground-work for the organization was finally formalized and Mars Hill Broadcasting Company was formed, involving a number of people from the Syracuse area.  The name "Mars Hill" was chosen because of the Apostle Paul ministering in the Athens, Greece area, preaching to the philosophers at Mars Hill of the realities of the One Great God, Creator of all.

          Once the organization had been formed in 1966, I resigned my position in Wisconsin, and found employment at WRBS in Baltimore, Maryland, operated by the Peter and John Radio Fellowship.  I needed to be closer to both Syracuse and Washington, DC.  While there, I also took classes at the University of Maryland - Baltimore County Campus.

          The following three years were marked by numerous trips to the Federal Communicatons Commission in Washington; and twice monthly trips to Syracuse for the weekends.  January 1st, 1969, my family and I moved to Syracuse, and set up shop in a still not completed office and studio building on the top of Onondaga Hill south of the city.  Then on Sunday afternoon, March 9, 1969, WMHR, 102.9 came on the air to the glorious sounds of "To God Be the Glory, great things He hath done."  I served as the first manager of the station, which the Lord blessed and prospered.  Today the Mars Hill Network has full fledged stations in Syracuse, Rochester, Watertown, Malone and the Utica area.  Four of these stations reach into Canada, providing the Gospel message to an area from Toronto to near Montreal.  Low powered translator statons provide service to Danville, Canaseraga, Endicott, Owego, Homer, Cortland, Ithica, Little Falls, Herkimer, Lowville, Lyons Falls, Port Leyden, Norwich, Oneonta, Riverhead (Long Island), Greece, Gates, Governeur, Richville, Ogdensburg, Long Lake, Potsdam, Parishville and numerous other communities as well.

          Another addition is that of Mars Hill Canada.  A group of Canadians has formed an organization which promotes Mars Hill Radio in Canada, where the stations are also carried on some local cable systems.  Mars Hill Canada also provides the streaming services which allow people all over the world to hear the programs.  I want to encourage you to listen in via the internet.  I would also encourage you, if you are blessed by this ministry, to become involved in the support of this worthy ministry.

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