* Retracing the Jewish Roots of Our   
                       Christian Faith

Right up front I need to let you know how I understand and interpret the Bible.  As we go through this series, keep in mind that, up front, before I read the very first verse, this is the way I believe the Bible is to be understood:

1. I believe the Bible to be the inspired (God-breathed), infallible, inerrent Word of the Living God, as given in its original language.

2. I believe the Bible is to be understood literally, unless the passage itself indicates that it is a parable, or is being used as an illustration of something.

3. I want to understand the Bible, as much as possible, as the people to whom it was written (in their language and culture) understood it.

With that said, let's begin!


      A Study Series on...

 "Discovering Jesus In the Old Testament"

Study #1:

Why Were the People of Jesus' Day Excited about the Imminent Arrival of the Promised Messiah?
(Four Old Testament Passages which told exactly when Messiah would come)

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Study #2:

The God of the Old Testament...The God of the New Testament
(Many people think there is a big difference)

  - Click here for Study #2.

Study #3:

Did the Old Testament Describe the Promised Messiah as the Son of David or as the Son of God?
(Or does it describe Him as both; and how could that be?)

  - Click here for Study #3.  

Study #4:

The Way of Salvation in Both Testaments
(By grace through faith...not of works)

  - Click here for Study #4.


        Jesus Fulfilled the Spring Feast of the Lord
                  (Unleavened Bread, Passover and First Fruits)

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