HOSEA (Howshea)

Hosea was a prophet to the northern ten tribes of Israel, near the end of their existence.  He was a contemporary of Amos in the northern kingdom, and Isaiah and Micah in the southern kingdom.  His story is beyond bizarre.

God ordered Hosea to marry a woman named Gomer.  He had two sons and a daughter by Gomer.  The rest of the story of Hosea's rocky life is symbolic of the relationship between God and Israel.  That is not just some theological observation.  That is a direct statement from God found in this book.  In other words, God is communicating His story to Israel, through an object lesson lived out by Hosea and Gomer.

Because of the tragic turns his life took, Hosea has been known as "the brokenhearted prophet."  He has also been called "The Prophet of Doom."  Yet, the Jewish Talmud declares Hosea to have been the greatest prophet of his generation.

While most of Hosea's prophecies have to do with the northern tribes' rejection of the God of their fathers, and God's promised judgment against them; Hosea also give prophecies concerning:
     * The first coming of Messiah
     * The age in which we are currently living
     * The Great Tribulation (the time of Jacob's Trouble)
     * The second coming of Messiah
     * The Millennial Kingdom of Messiah
He even predicted when God would fulfill Isaiah's prophecy about Israel being reborn in one day.  It was fulfilled in 1948, just 52 years before the end of the time frame in which Hosea prophesied it would happen.


HOSEA (Howshea)

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