The Epistle (Letters) to the

The Tabernacle: "a shadow picture of good things to 
                                                                  Hebrews 8:5

The Book of Hebrews is one of the most important books in the New Testament; for it lays out convincing arguments as to how Messiah Jesus fulfills the Old Testament prophecies to which the Jewish people had looked for centuries.

The parallel book to Hebrews in the Old Testament is Leviticus, written by Moses.  It lays out the entire worship system for Judaism as given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai.  The Book of Hebrews shows how the Old Testament sacrifices in the Tabernacle all point to, and show a message concerning the promised Messiah.

Twice Hebrews uses the term "shadow pictures" to link the Old Testament tabernacle worship system to their fulfillment in Messiah Jesus.

Hebrews also contains "The Faith Chapter."  Not only does this chapter explain the faith of a number of Old Testament saints; it also defines faith.  Faith is not "pie in the sky bye-and-bye."  Faith is based on "substance" and "evidence."

Also in Hebrews we will find a reference to the Jewish bar mitzph as it applies to Christian maturity.

The Epistle to the
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