God's Blueprint for the Ages

"The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: The feasts of the LORD, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts" (Leviticus 23:1-2).  Notice that these feasts are: (1) proclaimed by God, (2) He calls them holy convocations, and (3) God calls them His feasts.

First, notice that they were proclaimed by God.  God gave them to Moses as a part of the Law given at Mount Sinai.  They are the longest running religious observances on the face of the earth, now over 3,500 years old.  While their practice has changed significantly since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, they still follow a similar format and they are of the same significance as they were when God ordained them.

Second, God called them "holy convocations."  Today most Jesw refer to them as their "high holy days."  The term "convocation" has the idea of gathering together for the purpose of worship.  That worsip has three phases: (1) worship, praise, adoration and education, (2) reflection on God's goodness in the past, and (3) dependence upon God, faith in God's ability to lead us into and through the future, and even a mental practice, shadow picture or rehearsal of that which is still to come.

Third, God says they are not feasts of the Jews, as many Christians refer to them.  They are "feasts of the Lord."  That is an important distinction that becomes very important in this study.  The term "feast" in the original Hebrew means, an appointed time, a pre-arranged holy meeting.  We think of the term "feast" as having something to do with eating, perhaps a great banquet.  However, while there is eating and feasting associated with some of the seven Feasts of the Lord, that is not the meaning of the word translated "feasts" in our English Bibles.

Today there seems to be little understanding or study of the Feasts of the Lord in Christian circles.  Yet this subject is vitally important  to understanding much of what goes on in the New Tesament, especially in the Gospels.  The seven Levitical feasts played significant roles in the Lord's earthly ministry and are a picture of the entire redemptive story, from His death as our Passover Lamb to His second coming when He will "tabernacle" (or dwell) with His people forever.  Do you recall the Apostle Paul using the term "the times and the seasons" (Acts 1:7 and I Thessalonians 5:1)?  When the Jews heard that term, their minds automatically understood that "the times" meant the weekly Sabbaths; and "the seasons" meant the seven annual Feasts of the Lord.

Perhaps a list of the chapter titles will give you an idea of what this book is all about.
Ch 1 - The Feasts of the Lord
Ch 2 - The Spring Feasts of the Lord
               The Passover Feast
               The Feast of Unleavened Bread
               The feast of Firstfruits
               Jesus Fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the Lord
Ch 3 - The Day of Pentecost
               The Counting of the Omer
               The Day of Pentecost
Ch 4 - The Fall Feasts of the Lord
               The Feast of Trumpets
               The Days of Awe
               The Day of Atonement
               The Feast of Tabernacles
               The Great Day of the Feast
               The Ancient Jewish Wedding
Ch 5 - The Old Testament Pictures of End-time Events
               End-time Pictures from Qumran and the 
               The Law of the Harvest
               The Parable of the Fig Tree
               The Sounds of the Shofar
               The Old Testament Story of Gideon
               The Thousand Year Day
Ch 6 - Three Words
               A Word of Caution
               A Word of Encouagement
               A Word of Warning

This book comes out of my study of the understanding ancient Jewish rabbis (before the time of Christ) had of the Scriptures, and how the Jews of Jesus' day understood what He said and did.  It also covers how Jesus, in what Christians refer to as "Holy Week," fulfilled to the day, the hour and to the very minute, the celebration of the Spring Feasts of the Lord that was going on in the Temple.

God's Blueprint for the Ages

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