Wherever you are in the journey of life, looking forward or looking back, pause... Are you wondering which path is right for you? Or perhaps reviewing a long life that has left you somehow unsettled? Whatever thecase, take some time to challenge yourself with a few of the brief articles you will find at the website below. The purpose of the site is to help you make an informed choice about the matters which affect your destiny. Remember: All is not as it appears in life. Click here: Buy atomoxetine online and be among the few who are willing to look beneath the surface and discover for themselves what is truth...and what is not.



Jewish Jewels is one of the websites run by Messianic Jews. By that term we mean, Jews, who practice Judaism, but who have come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah. They meet in Messianic Synogogues all around the world. It is an interesting end-of-the-age phenom which you might be interested in reading about. Jewish Jewels produces a weekly television program by the same name which is seen around the world. Click here: and checkout the ministry of Messianic JewishRabbi Neil and his wife Jamie Lash



Jewish Voice Today is a worldwide ministry of Messianic Jewish Rabbi Jonathan Bernis headquatered in Phoenix, Arizona. You will be amazed by the reports of Jewish Festivals this organization is holding around the world, with emphasis on the former Soviet Union, and the tremendous response of Jewish people to the Jewish Messiah. Check out for more information.



Messianic Rabbi K. A. Schneider of Dublin, Ohio outlines the Jewish Scriptural prophecies concerning the Messiah, and how Jesus fulfilled them. Rabbi Schneider is a Jew; worships as a Jew; and leads his congregation in Jewish services. He keeps the Old Testament "Feasts of the Lord" (also known as the Jewish high holy days). He also has a world-wide television ministry. There is much interesting teaching concerning Jesus, God's chosen people Israel, and how non-jews fit into God's program. View it all at



A Messianic Jewish congregation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, led by Rabbi Dr. Neil Lash. Their website says: Temple Aron HaKodesh is a New Covenant community of Jews and non-Jews called to be one in the Messiah Yeshua. Our members that are Jewish by birth consider themselves to be "completed Jews" - Jews who have found their Messiah. Our members that were not born into Jewish families have been spiritually "grafted" into the nation of Israel through the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit). (See Romans 11:15-28.) Like Ruth in the Holy Scriptures, their hearts say, "Your people will be my people, and your God my God" (Ruth 1:16).

We rejoice in our freedom to worship the God of Israel within our own culture, traditions, and calendar, with the special joy of knowing God in a personal way through the Messiah Yeshua.

It is our understanding that Temple Aron HaKodesh is the largest Messianic Jewish synagogue in the United States. There are reported to be more than 100,000 Messianic Jews in the United States alone.

Check out the Temple Aron HaKodesh website at .


Friends of Israel was formed in 1938 to help hide and rescue European Jews from the fury and slaughter of the German Nazi SS Troops. Today it is an organization which supports Israel, and seeks to educate Christians with regard to Judaism and Israel. Friends of Israel publishes a fantastic magazine called Israel My Glory. I recommend it. It contains beautiful pictures of the Holy Land plus articles on Israel, Bible prophecy and understanding the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective.

Check out the Friends of Israel website at


This organization publishes the Messianic Jewish Resources Catalog, your source for "Everything Messianic Jewish." It includes books, Bibles, music and Israeli gifts. Of interest to you might be the many books on various subjects written from a Jewish perspective (the perspective of the people to whom it was written). A reminder: Messianic Jews are Jews who continue to practiceJudaism, but who have receivedJesus Messiah as their Lord and Savior, and see Him as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy; much the same as manyJews in the First Century continued to worship in the Temple and the synagogues, but embraced Jesus as Messiah.

To check in with this group, click




"Does God Exist?"Your foundational worldview is determined by how you answer the question. Review the scientific and mathematical evidence for God's existenceby clicking here and make your own decision.



Answers in Genesis is one of the leaders in Creation Science Research and Education. Click on either one of these two links:



In our bookstore, we have a book titled Essays on the Creation/Evolution Controversy. One of the essays is a review of Dr. Jack Cuazzo's book Buried Alive. It details scientific findings with regard to Neanderthal skulls in museums in Europe and Israel, which have shaken the scientific community and literally shout, "CREATION!" To get this book clickon this website:, then click on Master Books, and then on Apologetics. You will find a great deal more on this website about the creation/evolution controversy.



You can find answers to your questions at this website -- questions like: Can Jesus really be the promised Jewish Messiah? Can anyone see God? It is possible to have a personal intimate relationship with the God of creation. Thewww.ThinkitThru.tvwebsite is part of the Think It Thru Television program which is seen worldwide on several networks and a number of independent stations. Get your questions answered at this website.


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