Ken Williams spent most of his life in radio, serving at several Christian radio stations as assistant manager and manager, and participating in the founding of a major Christian radio voice in upstate New York in the 1960's.  His Bible education came from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.  He also served as associate pastor and minister of music in Arkansas, while speaking in many churches and civic organizations throughout the mid-south.  For the past 20 years, Ken could be heard on News/Talk radio KURM (a regional station heard in four states), anchoring the 5:00 to 7:00 am news, sports, weather and features. During this time he has continued to minister in churches and write books, a number of which are featured on this website.

          Ken retired from the radio station in January of 2010 after being diagnosed with a inoperable cancerous tumor on his spine.  He had no feeling in his legs and was walking with a cane.  Ken and his wife Pat helped establish a Spanish congregation in Bentonville, Arkansas in 2007, and they attend the Spanish services.  In July, 2010, a couple from Columbia, South America visited.  After the service, the wife got a group of people together and prayed for Ken's healing.  The following Thursday Ken was scheduled for a full-body scan at the local hospital.  The tumor was gone; praise the Lord!


          In 1996, Ken and his wife Pat went on a trip to the Holy Land (Israel and Jordan).  It was a life changing trip, in that Ken began to see the Scriptures in the light of the culture of Bible times and the Bible lands.  Upon his return his pastor asked him to put together an elective Sunday School course on under-standing the Bible through understanding the customs and culture of Bible times.  Ken and his wife have taught that 26 week course numerous times over the years.

          During his study, Ken also came to realize that there is a much closer link between the Old and New Testaments than he had ever realized.  He had always known and taught about the fulfillment of Old Testa-ment prophecies in the New Testament.  However, as he studied ancient Jewish rabbinical writings, and ancient Jewish ceremonies, he discovered that Jesus not only fulfilled the Law of Moses by never breaking one commandment; but He also fufilled the seven Old Testament Feasts of the Lord to the day, the hour and the minute, and to the smallest detail.  This led to what you will discover on this website.

                   OUR MISSION

          Our purpose is to lead individuals into an intimate, personal relationship with the Creator.  We do that by fousing on the 4-R's which we introduced to you on our Home Page.

          Our purpose is to accomlish this through a variety of media forms, including:

                        Speaking in churches

                        Books and Pamphlets

                            And this Website

          Our purpose is to lift up, magnify and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, God become flesh for the purpose of redeeming His lost creation. 

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