34 Commentaries by Ken Williams
On the Issues of the Day

Working mostly in small market radio stations over the years, I had the opportunity to do everything from management, to DJ, to news reporter and anchor, as well as talk show host; during which time I have also written and presented numerous commentaries on the news.  This book is a compilation of 34 commentaries I wrote over the past several years on the following subjects:

  * The Rich Richer; the Poor Poorer
  * Political Correctness Flunks the Test
  * Trigger Words
  * America's First and Most Important Protected Right
  * Black History Month - Richard Allen
  * Can the Resurrection of Christ Be Proved?
  * Shariah Law
  * Religious Persecution Under the Guise of Tolerance
  * The Republican Great Depression and the Republican
     Great Recession (?)
  * What Did You Vote For?
  * The Electoral College
  * What About Rich Politicians Who Don't Pay Income
  * President Thomas Jefferson's Prophecy
  * "Vanity of Vanities; All is Vanity"
  * Historical Revisionists: What's It All About?
  * Why Are the Majority of African-Americans Aligned
     with the Democratic Party?
  * The Denigration of George Washington
  * Politically Incorect and Intolerant
  * Workplace Sexual Harassment
  * Evangelicals Stub Their Collective Big Toe
  * The President's Ban on Some Refugees
  * When Do Mega-Profits Become Immoral?
  * Those Awful Lobbyists
  * Postmodernism and the Sciences
  * The Debate Over Global Warming
  * The Crusades and Radical Islam


There may be some things in these commentaries to which you are vehemently opposed.  Please don't let that get between us - I still love you.  Perhaps we can just amicably agree to disagree; but still be friends.

34 Commentaries
 On the Issues of the Day

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