You Have Always Wanted Answered

Here are the questions which are answered:
#1 - Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
#2 - In the Old Testament Didn't People Figure their Age
       Based on a Lunar year?
#3 - Who is God?
#4 - Why is the God of the Old Testament so angry; and
       the God of the New Testament portrayed as a God 
       of Love?
#5 - God said Adam and Eve would die in "the day" they
       ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree.  Why didn't 
       they die?
#6 - How could Jesus be eternal, yet have been begotten
       By God?
#7 - Why does God allow bad things to happen to good
#8 - Can We Trust the Bible?
#9 - What is Heaven Like; and How Could a Loving God
       Send Anyone to Hell?
#10 - What About Abortion?
#11 - What About Astrology and the Horoscope?
#12 - Why are Christians Homophobic?
#13 - What is wrong with Gay marriage and interracial
#14 - Isn't the Trinity really three Gods?
#15 - I hear the terms "born again" and "saved."  How
         can a person be born more than once, and what
         are we to be saved from?

There are also some extras thrown in for good measure:

#1 - To Love God is to keep His Commandments (Old
#2 - To Love God is to keep His Commandments (New
#3 - Scriptures Dealing with Difficult Situations
#4 - Scriptures Dealing with Salvation
#5 - David's Prayer After He Sinned
#6 - Discovering God's Will
#7 - Romans 3:21-28
#8 - The Bible tells us that our greatest need is not simply
       guidance in life; it's a relationship with God!
#9 - Pray this prayer

You Have Always Wanted Answered

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