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Discovering the Jewish Roots of Our Faith

By Ken Williams

                  This 212 page book traces the prophecies of the Promised Messiah through each of the 39 books of the Old Testament.   You will see both the prophecies of the predicted "Suffering Messiah" and the coming "Conquering, Victorious Messiah."   We touch on how the ancient Hebrew scholars understood these passages, as well as how they fit into the New Testament teachings.

                  Three of the passages precisely date when the "Suffering Messiah" would be on the scene:

1. Moses wrote that Messiah would come prior to the time that Israel would lose its genealogies and prior to the time Israel would lose its right to make laws.   According to the Jewish Talmud, Israel lost the right to make its own laws about 40 years prior to the destruction of the Temple.   That would have been about the time Jesus was crucified.   Israel lost its genealogies when the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD.

2. The Jewish Prophet Daniel predicted the exact number of years it would be from the time the decree went out to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple to the time Messiah would be "cut off."   Counting those years brings us to Passover at the very time Jesus was crucified.

3. As the Temple was being rebuilt after the Jewish return from exile in Babylon, many of the old-timers who had seen Solomon's Temple were brought to tears because the new Temple lacked the size and splendor of Solomon's Temple.   However, the prophets told them that what it lacked in splendor would be made up in importance, because the Promised Messiah would walk through the doors of this rebuilt Temple.   That Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

                  While there have been several books written on this subject, mostly as Bible College textbooks, this book is unique in that it is more complete and is written in layman's language and   easy to understand.   In addition there are many cultural practices which are brought out to help the reader understand the passages: everything from the method of making covenants or agreements in Bible times, to the scepter which had each family's or tribe's history carved on it, to the uniqueness of the Hebrew language.

                  This book is a "must read" for anyone interested in discovering the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and in finding the link that joins both the Old and New Testaments into one united, cohesive, integrated revelation from God.

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"Finding Jesus in the Old Testament (The Jewish Scriptures)"

Subtitled: Discovering the Jewish Roots of Your Christian Faith"

By Ken Williams

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God's Blueprint for the Ages

                                             By Ken Williams

Copyright (c) 2013 - All Rights Reserved

          "The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: The feasts of the LORD, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts" (Leviticus 23:1-2).  Notice that these feasts are: (1) proclaimed by God, (2) He calls them holy convocations, and (3) God calls them His feasts.

           First, notice that they were proclaimed by God.  God gave them to Moses as a part of the Law given at Mount Sinai.  They are the longest running religious observances on the face of the earth, now over 3,500 years old.  While their practice has changed significantly since the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, they still follow a similar format and they are of the same significance as they were when God ordained them.

          Second, God called them "holy convocations."  Today most Jews refer to them as their "high holy days."  The term "convocaton" has the idea of gathering together for the purpose of worship.  That worship has three phases: (1) worship, praise, adoration and education, (2) reflection on God's goodness in the past, and (3) dependence upon God, faith in God's ability to lead us into and through the future, and even a mental practice, shadow picture or rehearsal of that which is still to come.

          Third, God says they are not feasts of the Jews, as many Christians refer to them.  They are "feasts of the Lord."  That is an important distinction that becomes very important in this study.  The term "feast" in the original Hebrew means, an appointed time, a pre-arranged holy meeting.  We think of the term "feast" as having something to do with eating, perhaps a great banquet.  However, while there is eating and feasting associated with some of the seven Feasts of the Lord, that is not the meaning of the word translated "feasts" in our English Bibles.

          Today there seems to be little understanding or study of the Feasts of the Lord in Christian circles.  Yet this subject is vitally important to understanding much of what goes on in the New Testament, especially in the Gospels.  The seven Levitical feasts played significnt roles in the Lord's earthly ministry and are a picture of the entire redemptive story, from His death as our Passover Lamb to His second coming when He will "tabernacle" (or dwell) with His people forever.  Do you recall the Apostle Paul using the term "the times an the seasons" (Acts 1:7 and I Thessalonians 5:1)?  When the Jews heard that term, their minds automatically understood that "the times" meant the weekly Sabbaths; and "the seasons" meant the seven annual Feasts of the Lord.

          Perhaps a list of the chapter titles will give you an idea of what this book is all about.
  Chapter 1:  The Feasts of the Lord
  Chapter 2:  The Spring Feasts of the Lord
                        The Passover Feast
                        The Feast of Unleavened Bread
                        The Feast of Firstfruits
                        Jesus Fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the Lord
  Chapter 3:  The Day of Pentecost
                        The Counting of the Omer
                        The Day of Pentecost
  Chapter 4:  The Fall Feasts of the Lord
                        The Feast of Trumpets
                        The Days of Awe
                        The Day of Atonement
                        The Feast of Tabernacles
                        The Great Day of the Feast
                        The Ancient Jewish Wedding
  Chapter 5:  OldTestament Pictures of End-time Events
                        End-time Pictures from Qumran and the Didache
                        The Law of the Harvest
                        The Parable of the Fig Tree
                        The Sounds of the Shofar
                        The Old Testament Story of Gideon
                        The Thousand Year Day
  Chapter 6:  Three Words
                         A Word of Caution
                         A Word of Encouragement
                         A Word of Warning

          This book comes out of my study of the understanding ancient Jewish rabbis (before the time of Christ) had of the Scriptures, and how the Jews of Jesus day understood what He said and did.  It also covers how Jesus, in what Christians refer to as "Holy Week," fulfilled to the day, the hour and the very minute, the celebration of the Spring Feasts of the Lord that was going on in the Temple.

God's Blueprint for the Ages


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New Study Manual...

                                            Understanding the Bible
                                                By Understanding
                   CULTURE & CUSTOMS
                         OF BIBLE TIMES

* Over 200 pages
  * 27 chapters
  * Illustrative drawings
  * Photos from the Holy Land
  * And mush more

Great to use as a study manual for Sunday School or Bible Study Class.

Each chapter ends with "Review Questions," "Things to Remember" and "What Does This Mean to Me?

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(Mattityahu in Hebrew)

(Jesus was an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi)

Discovering the Jewish Roots of your Faith

* 337 Pages

* A verse-by-verse study

* Discover what Jesus meant when He said He had not come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it.

Chapter 1: Jesus Did Not Have Blue Eyes
|Chapter 2: The Son of David, the Son of Abraham
Chapter 3: Messiah's Preparation for Ministry
Chapter 4: Jesus Begins His Ministry
Chapter 5: Jesus Heals and Teaches
Chapter 6: The King Delegates His Power
Chapter 7: The Religious Leaders Reject the King
Chapter 8: The King Sets His Face Toward Calvary
Chapter 9: Jesus Fulfills the Spring Feasts of the Lord
Chapter 10: Born Again -- Saved

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The first of a three volume set:

Vol. 1 - The Gospel According to Luke
                (with input from the Apostle Paul)

          Luke traveled with, and was a disciple of the Apostle Paul.  He was the author of The Gospel According to Luke in the New Testament.  He was also the author of The Acts of the Apostles, which outlines the fulfillment of the Jewish observance of Pentecost (Shavuot), the development of the early church and Paul' three missionary journies.  He was also the scribe who wrote down Paul's epistles (letters) to the believers in vaious areas.

          We go verse-by-verse through this 266 page book, discovering that virtually every thing Jesus said and taught came directly from the pages of the Old Testament.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Luke (Luke 1:1-4)
Chapter 2 - The Birth and Childhood of Jesus (Luke 1:5 - 2:52)
Chapter 3 - Messiah's Preparation for Ministry (Luke 3:1 - 4:13)
Chapter 4 - Messiah's Teaching and Healing Ministry (Luke 4:14 - 19:28)
Chapter 5 - Messiah's Fulfills the Spring Feasts of the Lord (Luke 19:28 -

          We even unravel some Hebrew idioms which are unintelligible in English.

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Vol. 2 - The Acts of the Apostles
(written by Luke, a disciple of the Apostle Paul)
Coming in 2014

Vol. 3 - Paul's Epistles
(as transcribed by Paul's secretary, Dr. Luke)

Coming in 2015




By Ken Williams

ESSAY #1: Dinosaurs--When Did They Really Live?

        Subtitled: "Are Dinosaurs Mentioned in the Bible?"

Ken Williams shows that there is plenty of evidence in geology, archeology, history, etc. to prove that dinosaurs and humans existed together on this earth.   Why then do Evolutionists insist that dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years before humans appeared on the earth?   They have to to support their "faith system"--the Evolutionary Model.   And, yes, dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible.   One Hebrew word for "dinosaur" is used 22 times in the Old Testament, another is used 5 times and a third is used one time.   This essay can be read in its entirity in the winter edition of the Ken Williams News Letter on another page of this website.

ESSAY #2: Have You Ever Thought About This?

In this essay, Ken looks at ordinary things around us to show that they could not have been going on for millions of years just as they are today.   Examples include the erosion of Niagara Falls; the delta at the Mouth of the Mississippi River; the 900 cubic miles of dirt and rock missing from the Grand Canyon;   the oceans saltiness;   the population of the world, and the lack of human remains.     Also included is a look at DNA and statistics.

ESSAY #3:   Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate?

Ken reminds us that the Bible is not a science textbook.   However, when the Bible does mention subjects in the field of science, it is accurate.   Ken takes examples from astronomy, oceanography, physics, medicine and biology.     Written hundreds and even thousands of years before the scientific discoveries, the Bible gets every one of them right!     In one case the Bible is correct about a scientific discovery that astronomers did not prove until about 10 years ago.

ESSAY #4:   Neanderthal Man Screams, "CREATION"!

              Subtitled: "The Great Neanderthal Hoax"

Ken Williams reviews the book Buried Alive by Jack Cuozzo, published by Master Books.   In 1979, New Jersey orthodontist Jack Cuozzo was granted access to the world's most famous Neanderthal skeletons in Germany, France and Israel.   His interest in the mysterious remains began as mere curiosity about these ancient creatures.   His findings, though, are sure to shock the scientific world.   Based on his x-rays and photographs, Cuozzo maintains that the key to understanding who the Neanderthals were lies in the pages of aged manuscripts readily available to anyone: the Bible.   Buried Alive (the name of his book) chronicles the deception pushed onto the public by atheistic scientists.   Cuozzo, discovered that skulls who suffered death in their late teens still had their baby teeth; that puberty didn't begin till their late 20's or early 30's; and that some of the Neanderthals who died late in life, may have died at more than 300 years of age.   The information unearthed by one man's quest for the truth could alter the current perception of human origins.   Check out "LINKS" page to see how to get Dr. Cuozzo's book.

ESSAY #5:  Mount Saint Helens: Erupting Away Millions of Years

Ken Williams shows that the eruption of Mount Saint Helens on May 18th, 1980 did in four days exactly what evolutionists say took millions and millions of years all over the earth.  Mount Saint Helens, in four days, laid down layer upon layer which quickly formed to rock, containing the fossilizing bodies of the many plants and animals trapped by the rock, dirt, silt, gravel, lava, etc. as it flowed out from the mountain.  Then in one afternoon, a canyon one fortieth the size of the Grand Canyon was formed by a massive flood of water.  He also shows how logs and biomass at the bottom of Spirit Lake formed coal and fossils within weeks, and is identical to such deposits found all around the world.

ESSAY #6:  Millions of Years; or Noah's Flood

Ken Williams uses the Biblical record, ancient secular historians and the memorial of the flood left on the earth to show that what evolutionists explain by millions of years, actually happened in a little over one year, in the flood recorded in the first book of the Bible, and in ancient secular history.  Ken also points to a number of things which cannot be explained by millions of years as being the results of the violent castrophe which took place during the time of the flood.

ESSAY #7:  "It Looks Like...But It Can't Be"

Ken Williams attempts to show what evolutionists do with evidence they find that supports creation rather than evolution.  He divides these attempts into six categories: (1) some of the evidence is simply ignored; (2) some of the evidence, they say, "Looks like...but it's not;" (3) some of the evidence they try to explain away; (4) some of the evidence is discounted by attacking the presenter; (5) some of the evidence is quashed by censorship; and (6) some of the evidence they try to explain by supernatural processes.  Imagine, people who claim they don't believe in the supernatural, trying to use the supernatural to explain processes which they otherwise cannot explain.

ESSAY #8:  Evolution: The Scientific Basis for Racism

Ken Williams points to quotes from evolutionists, court rulings, the basis behind slavery, Nazism, Communism and more to show how the Theory of Evolution supports racism.  That does not mean that every evolutionist is a racist.  Racists, however, find scientific support for their diabolical bias in the Theory of Evolution; and there is plenty of evidence to support that conclusion.

ESSAY #9:  The Motivation Behind the Theory of Evolution

In this essay Ken Williams quotes from evolutionists such as Sir Julian Huxley, Richard Lewontin, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins and others to show that their espousal of the Theory of Evolution is less about science and all about their hatred for religion.

ESSAY #10:  Did Man Come from Apes  ...OR...  Did God Make Man?

Included in this essay are illustrations used in textbooks which cannot be supported by science, and even some which are blatently false.  You'll see how we get pictures of ancient man from just a few small bones.  We also note that the New Testament tells us that if any plant or animal died before Adam and Eve sinned, then the Bible is false.  The New Testament tells us (1) that nothing died before man sinned, and (2) that nothing (plant or animal) aged before man sinned.

ESSAY #11:  More About Dinosaurs

This essay gives many more examples of the fact that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time.  There are real facts to support that proposition.  However, evolutionists have chosen to ignor or reject the proof that humans and dinosaurs co-existed on this earth.  They have to do that, of course, or else the entire Evolutionary Theory would fall apart.  The alternative (God) would be unacceptable.

ESSAY #12: The Effects of Evolution on American Society and Culture

Ken Williams, in this essay, discusses the effects of the teaching of evolution our our society and culture.  He breaks this into two major areas: "The Devaluation of Human Life," and "The Devaluation and Segmenting of Religious Life.  Included in the discussion are such subjects as suicide, abortion, euthanasia, crime, the relativity of truth and tolerance.  The Barna Report in the 1990's already reported that more than half of all evangelical pastors and 95% of evangelical young people did not have a biblical world-view. 

ESSAY #13: Giants on the Earth 

You haven't heard of the thousands of giant human skulls and complete skeletons which have been unearthed around the globe?  I wonder why that would be?  Could it be by the discoveries prove the Theory of Evolution to be wrong?  You don't think legitimate scientists would hide the evidence for the sake of the theory, do you?  Look at these facts: in Louisiana, 20 intact skeletons found, each over nine feet tall; in Nevada, a complete human skeleton over ten feet tall; in Indiana, eight complete human skeletons, each eight to nine feet tall, wearing copper armor; a twelve foot skeleton found in California, another in Arizona; south of Dallas, Texas, human footprints with a seven foot stride; in Mexico, human thigh bones as tall as a man; in Turkey, a 12-foot skeleton; in Egypt, eight complete skeletons, some as tall as 16-feet; in Wisconsin, hundreds of human skulls in a burial ground, many three times the size of human skulls today.  Giant skulls and complete skeletons have been found on every continent except Antiartica.  Why do you think you have never heard of these discoveries?  Do you think it is possible that the Theory of Evolution is more important than the facts? 

PLUS:  45  Individual  Vignettes

These are quotes from Creationists and avowed Evolutionists alike that show that the Theory of Evolution does not cut muster.

"Essays on the Creation/Evolution Controversy"

By Ken Williams  

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By Ken Williams

ESSAY #1: The Real Story About Columbus

Columbus was a prolific writer.   He kept a diary and also wrote a number of volumes between his voyages.   Dr. Kay Brigham has translated Columbus' writings into English.   Columbus' reasons for thinking the world was round; his reasons for taking the voyages; what happened on the way and what happened on the islands he discovered are all at odds with today's history books.

ESSAY #2: The Real Story of the Jamestown Settlement

Who were the Jamestown settlers?   Who was Pocahontas, and who did she marry?   How did her contribution fit in with the real purpose of the Jamestown Settlers?   The truth of all of the above is at odds with our history books.

ESSAY #3: The Story of the Pilgrims as it Used to Appear in Our History Books

Why did the Pilgrims come to North America?   Your answer is probably wrong unless you are over 70 years of age.   Why did the Pilgrims celebrate that first Thanksgiving with the Indians?   Read any modern day history book, and you will read a distortion--no, it's more than that.   You will be reading a lie.

ESSAY #4: The French and Indian Wars

Subtitled: "A Story Lost to Modern Day History Books"

2,300 British troops under General Edward Braddock, and 100 members of the Virginia Militia led by George Washington were ambushed by the French and Indians at Fort Duquesne (now known as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).  All 86 British officers were killed.  George Washington was the only officer unscathed.  But he reported to having four bullet holes in his coat and bullet fragments in his hair.  Read the "miracle" that kept him alive.

ESSAY #5: The American Revolution

The Revolution began in the pulpits of America's churches.  The preachers proclaimed that God was King, and that the King of England was to be obeyed only so long as he did not require his subjects to violate God's holy commands.  Then they outlined the 27 mandates of the King that were in violation of God's Law.  Did you know that George Washington was ready to surrender during that long winter at Valley Forge.  He would have do so except for a visit by an angel during one of his regular prayer times.

ESSAY #6: The Birth of the Constitution of the United States of America

Did you know that the Constitution was born in prayer.  There were prayer meetings at the beginning of each day.  However, when it came down to establishing the type of government, there was no agreement.  Benjamin Franklin called the Convention to prayer that lasted three days.  At the conclusion, the totally new concept of a government with three separate but equal branches was proposed.  The concept came from the Old Testament Jewish prophets of Isaiah and Jeremiah.

ESSAY #7: The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights was demanded by the individual former colonies who wanted protection from the federal government.  They wanted to make sure that the federal government would never be able to exercise control over the separate states.  The religion portion of the First Amendment was demanded by the Baptists as assurance that Congress would never be allowed to set up a nationally sponsored church.  However, they also wanted protection which would prohibit the federal government from ever interfering in any public exercise of religion.  The U.S. Supreme Court, in the last 60 years, has turned the entire Bill of Rights, and several of its amendments, totally around to mean the exact opposite of what the Founding Fathers intended.

ESSAY #8: The Role of the Church in the Founding of America

Did you know that Paul Revere was not the only one waiting for the signal to warn that "the British are coming?"  Do you know that he rode to only one home in Lexington to announce the news--the home of the pastor?  Do you know that it was the pastor leading 150 of his own church members who met the British in that battle known as "the shot heard 'round the world?"  Have you ever heard of "The Black Regiment?"  That was the name given by the British to pastors, dressed in their black robes who led their congregations into battle.  Did you know that 24 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were pastors, or that 44 of the representatives sent to the Constitutional Convention were pastors?

ESSAY #9: George Washington

Did you know that George Washington spent an hour every evening in prayer and Bible study before going to bed, and that he rose at 4:00 in the morning for another hour of prayer and Bible study?  Did you know that he seldom missed Sunday morning and evening services at his Episcopal Church, and when he had to, he read a sermon from his library to Martha?  Did you know that every Sunday night when Congress was in session he met, after church, with the Speaker of the House for prayer and Bible study?

ESSAY #10: The Greatest Depression and the Greatest Revival

Seventy-five years after the founding of the new nation, the United States had already become the most wealthy nation on the face of the earth.  In the process her dependence on God began to wane.  Church attendance was down to about 20%.  Suddenly a depression hit the country.  In New York City alone half of the workers lost their jobs within one month.  The nation was called to prayer.  Daily noontime prayer meetings in New York City attracted 25,000 to 40,000 people each weekday.  The great revival preacher, an agnostic who came to faith in Christ through studying Blackstone's Commentary on Law, while studying to be a lawyer, became the preacher that led the nation back to God.  That depression was both the deepest and the shortest depression our nation has ever experienced.

ESSAY #11: Abraham Lincoln

Although Lincoln considered himself a "skeptic" with regard to the Bible, he had memorized entire chapters, and tried very hard to live his life by biblical precepts.  It wasn't until just before giving the Gettysburg Address that he received Jesus Christ as his personal savior.  The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC has an hand penned letter from Lincoln requesting to make a public profession of faith on Easter Sunday morning; which never happened because of his assissination.  Lincoln went to Ford's Theatre that fateful night, but was uninterested with the play.  At the time the shot that took his life rang out, you will be surprised at the discussion he was having with his wife.  You certainly will not find it in any modern day history book.

ESSAY #12: James Garfield

Garfield was a minister, although you will not read that in any of today's history books.  Garfield, who felt called of God to become a preacher of the Gospel, also announced that he felt God's call on him to go into politics.  Today that might seem quite strange, but back then it was normal.  During the first 125 years or so of our country, politics was considered service for God just as much as being a pastor or a missionary.  The public required candidates for public office to state their call from God.  Garfield took office in 1881 and served just six months and fifteen days before being gunned down by an assassin.

PLUS: 46 Vignettes from our country's founding fathers and founding documents

These are quotes from many of America's Founding Fathers, including: Noah Webster, John Locke, Thomas McKean, Patrick Henry, Robert Winthrop, Benjamin Rush, George Washington, James Wilson, James McHenry and many more.


By Ken Williams

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