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* Retracing the Jewish Roots of Our Christian Faith

The Bible was written over a 1400 year period by Jews, to Jews, in a Hebrew Culture, living with Hebrew customs.  For the most part we view the Bible from a 21st Century Western Culture.  If we could discover how the people to whom the Bible was written understood it, we would uncover so many more gems of truth than we currently can grasp.  In addition, many of the difficult passages which have puzzled theologians for decades would focus into perspective.  We want to discover what the Bible meant to those to whom it was originally written.

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esearching the Creation/Evolution Controversy

When I was in junior and senior high school and in the university many years ago, the Theory of Evolution was taught as fact.  However, since that time many discoveries have cast doubt on the theory.  Many evolutionists admit that there are many more problems with the theory today than there were 25 years ago.  In addition, the Theory of Evolution flies in the face of known scientific laws.  Add to that the fact that much of the evidence that evolutionists use to support their theory, actually is evidence against evolution and for the existence of a Creator.  Evolution is, in reality, a faith system.

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escuing our History from the Revisionists

If you were to read an American history book written before 1930, and compare it to an American history book written in the past 25 years, you would not recognize the two as being the history of the same country.  Revisionists have systematically changed the history of our country as a springboard to changing our society.  They have deleted many of the events of our history, changed the emphasis of others, robbed many of the important figures in our history of their voices, and actually deleted the very purpose and impetus that propelled the United States of America into greatness.  We want to bring back the truth about our past.

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 Reconfirming Our Resolve to Study God's Word

The most defining moment in anyone's life is the decision to surrender to God by accepting Christ as personal Savior.  God's Word, the Bible, tells us that our greatest need is not simply guidance in life; it is a personal relationship with God.  We can have this relationship only through Jesus Christ, resulting in peace with our heavenly Father and the gift of eternal life with Him.  "Study to show yourself approved unto God...correctly analyzing and accurately dividing - rightly handling and skilfully teaching - the Word of Truth" (II Timothy 2:15 Amplified).

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You will find a variety of books written by Ken Williams dealing with:

  * Retracing the Jewish Roots of our Christian Faith
  * Researching the Creation/Evolution Controversy
  * Rescuing our History from the Revsionists
  * Reconfirming our Resolve to Study God's Word

Here are some of the titles:
    Essays on the Creation/Evolution Controversy
    Essays on Our REAL American History
    Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook and Folklore
    Editorial Comment
    15 Bible Questions (you have always wanted answered)
    Finding Jesus in the Old Testament (the Jewish Scriptures)
    The Customs and Culture of Bible Times
    The Feasts of the Lord (God's Blueprint for the Ages)
    Studies in Matthew (Jesus was a recognized Jewish rabbi) verse-by-verse
    Studies in Mark's Gospel (verse-by-verse)
    The Gospel According to Luke (verse-by-verse)
    Behold the Lamb of God - Studies in John's Gospel (verse-by-verse)
    The Acts of the Apostles (verse-by-verse)
    Paul's Epistles - Book 1 (Epistles written diuring his missionary journeys)
    Paul's Epistles - Book 2 (Paul's prison and pastoral epistles)
    The Epistle to the HEBREWS (The Messianic Jews) verse-by-verse
    The General Epistles (James, Peter, John and Jude) verse-by-verse

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 "Study to show yourself approved unto God...correctly analyzing and accurately dividing - rightly handling and skilfully teaching - the Word of Truth" (II Timothy 2:15). 


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