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Hi, let me introduce myelf.  I grew up in the eastern part of the country.  I had a great childhood, even spending my summers on my uncle's farm.  After high school, I went to Bible college for three years, then two years at the University of Maryland.

Most of my life has been spent in the radio field, working at radio stations in New York, Pennsiylvania, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Wyoming and most recently in Arkansas.  Actually my longest stay was here in the Northwest corner of Arkansas - the Rogers/ Bentonville area.

I came to this area near the end of 1981 as news director of KAMO, a position I had for seven years until the station was sold and the news department was closed.  Shortly thereafter I went to work for News/Talk Radio KURM in Rogers.  I anchored the morning news from 5:00  to 7:00, then did news and sports drop-ins till 8:00.  At 8:00 I hosted a talk-show.  From 9:00 to 10:00 I recorded commercials and other material for use later in the day.  At 10:00 I was finished for the day, unless I was needed to substitute very infrequently on the Party Line talk show at 10:00.  I also did remote broadcasts most Saturday's at locations throughout the listening area.

KURM was the main station in Rogers, but programs were also carried on other jointly owned stations in Gravette, Russellville, Ola and Danville, all in Arkansas.  We covered from Memphis, TN to Stroud, OK; from Mansfield, AR to Kansas City, KS; and northeastward to Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  I held that position for 20 years, retiring in 2010.

Also, during my 35 plus years in Northwest Arkansas, I have filled in for vacationing pastors, and held special services in Arkansas and several surrounding states; including nine years as part-time Minister of Music and Associate Pastor at our own home church in Bentonville.

During the 1990's, I put together a series of short five minute radio programs dealing with the subject of "Creation vs. Evolution."  Those programs were combined into my first book published in 2007.  It is currently in its fourth printing.  I also wrote a book titled "Finding Jesus in the Old Testament - the Jewish Scriptures."  Shortly thereafter, I noticed that verse-by-verse studies I was doing in Matthew's Gospel, really looked like a book.  So, we published that, and then each of the books of the New Testament through "The Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ."  I believe I have a total of 17 or 18 books at this time.

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During my 25 plus years as a Newscaster and Talk Show Host, I wrote and delivered numerous editorials.  One of the books I have written is a compilation of 36 of these editorials.  Since retirement, I have continued to write editorials on a monthly basis.

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Also, over the years, I have become interested in the history of our African-American friends.  One of my concerns is that Black History Month programs only zero in on black history since 1960, for the most part.  Black history from the 16, 17, 18, and early 1900's is almost totally missing.  I have written a number of Black History Month editorials.  You can find them by clicking below on

One of my concerns and passions in recent years has been the lack of understanding of the Bible by many who say they are believers in, and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The biggest complaint I hear is: "I don't understand the Bible when I read it," or, "I really don't know how to study the Bible and make it real to my life."  Because of these concerns, I have put together a two lesson course to help you understand how to read and study the Bible.  It is free, and you can access it simply by clicking:


Another of our great passions is the Hispanic congregation at our church.  For seven years, beginning in the late 1990's, we began praying for the establishment of a Spanish speaking congregation at out church.  Over the previous few years, the number of Spanish speaking people in our area was multiplying.  When I first come to Northwest Arkansas in the 1980's, there were very few people of Hispanic descent.  Today the population of Springdale is nearly 50% Hispanic; 35% in Rogers; 25% in Bentonville, and similar figures in the other communities which make up Northwest Arkansas.  

For years we have been sending missionaries to Spanish speaking countries; but now, the mission field was coming to us.  That congregation has been a reality now for over 12 years.  Having a Pennsylvania Dutch (Low German) background, and having taken four years of French (two in high school and two more in college), a few video tapes and worshiping with the Hispanic congregation and, believe it or not, I am speaking Spanish.  I can't claim to have conquered the language.  But I understand it, and with some difficulty, am able to communicate.  It is getting better.

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The Bible describes God in a number of terms aimed at helping humankind understand something about this Supreme Being.  We will look at three of these terms:  They are:
          "God is Holy."
          "God is Just."
          "God is love."
These are not just some things that God does as a part of His existence.  These are inseparable from God, and without God, holiness, justice and love do not exist.

First, "God is Holy."  Notice the capitalization of the word, "Holy."  We must understand that holiness is not just something we know about God.  Holiness is God Himself.  One of His names is "Holy, Holy, Holy" (Revelation 4:8)!  We tend to think of ourselves as being "not too bad" - even "pretty good" - compared to other people we know.  But "not too bad" and "pretty good" are a long, long way from "Holy."  "Holiness" by definition is "perfection."  None of us can seriously claim to have lived perfect lives, with never an impure thought, word or action.  In addition, holiness means "the absence of imperfection."  Unless somehow you and I can be made "perfect" we can never stand before a "Holy" God and live, let alone be accepted into His Heaven.  The Apostle "whom Jesus Loved," John (Yochanan in Hebrew), wrote in Reveltion chapter 1, that he stood before God, and fell on his face as a dead man (Revelation 1:17).  Here was the disciple who was closest to Messiah when Jesus was here on earth.  This is the disciple that Jesus told to take care of His mother after His crucifixion.  This was the disciple who became the beloved Pastor of the Church at Ephesus (according to church history).  This is the disciple who was banished to the Island of Pamos (a prison camp) by the Roman Emperor because of his faith.  Yet, he was not good enough to stand in the presence of the Glorified Messiah before the Throne of God" (Romans 3:23).  Notice, "...ALL have sinned..."  To "sin," means "to miss the mark" of "the standard" that God has set.  The standard is "complete holiness."  It seems strange that we would have to add the word "complete" to holiness, because "Holy" by itself is "complete."  However, in our western society, at least in our minds, we have downgraded the word "Holy" to something less than God has decreed.

Second, "God is Just."  The only time we come face-to-face with the justice system, is when we are accused of breaking the law.  When we plead "guilty" or are determined to be "guilty," we must face sentencing - the conseuences.  The same is true of God's justice.  God is Just.  It has already been determined that we have "missed the mark" of holiness set by God.  Therefore, we wait for sentencing day; and God has already determined the sentence.  It is the only sentence He could hand down based on His holiness.  "For the wages of sin is death..." (Romans 6:23).  That is eternal separation from God, His holines, and His Heaven.  Does that seem awfully harsh?  Anything short of that would make God less than Holy and less than Just.  That would also make Heaven no better than life here on earth.  "But," we protest, "God is love!  Surely a God of love would not send anyone to Hell!"

Third, "God is Love."  Indeed, the love of God demanded that something be done to redeem His fallen creation.  That Love sent the Son of God from Heaven's Glory, down to this earth, here to take the "form of a man" (Philippians 2:6-7), that He might make the blood offering necessary to blot out the sins - the short-
comings, of the human race.  God has done everything necessary to bring you into a right relationship with Him.  However, He will not force you.  You have a free choice.  In the previous paragraph we noted, "The wages of sin is death..."  However, the sentence goes on to say, "But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord" (Romans 6:23).  How can the blood sacrifice of Jesus be applied to my life and my sin - your life and your sin?  Come to God in prayer.  Prayer is simply talking to God in plain, ordinary conversation just as you would with a friend.  Acknowledge to Him that you are a sinner - you have come short of His holy demands.  Repent!  That means, "to make a about face."  Currently you are running your life; doing what you want to do.  Now you tell the Lord you want to live for Him, and allow Him to direct your life through His Word, the Bible.  The Bible says, "That if thou shalt believe in thine heart, and confess with thy mouth that God has raised Him (Jesus the Messiah) from the dead, thou shalt be saved" (Romans 10:9-10), or as John puts it, you will be made "children of God" (John 1:12).

Perhaps this does not make any sense to you at all.  The Apostle Paul wrote that this is foolishness to those who are lost, but it is the "power of God" to those who believe (I Corinthians 1:18).  Salvation is not like a pardon.  A pardon simply forgives you of the consequences of your deed.  God's salvation is much more than that.  When God cleanses you with the Blood of the Lamb (Messiah - Jesus), your sin is completely eradicated.  Before God you become as though you had never sinned - you are made holy.  That doesn't mean that you will be perfect from that point on.  It does mean that you are now a member of God's family, and as a member you can come to your Redeemer and ask for forgiveness for those times and those things which are short of the mark.  A constant study of the Bible will help you undersgand more and more of what God has for you individually.  He does have a plan for you, both now and in eternity.  Discover it!

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